Board & Key Members

El Morro Valley Cooperative Board of Directors

  • Genevieve Humenay, Candy Kitchen NM

Genevieve was the Executive Director of El Morro Area Arts Council, and is also a local producer with her partner, Mike Francis.  She offers 15 years of fundraising and grant writing/facilitation/implementation experience, and draws upon these skills to support the El Morro Valley Cooperative.  Genevieve is also building a small farmstead, featuring a small fruit orchard and wool producing animals.

  • Tony Osborn, Candy Kitchen NM

Tony has been a nurse for the last 20 years, and values community development, health promotion and disease prevention.  Last year he received Nurse Practitioner’s degree through the University of New Mexico.  He is active in the El Moro Area Arts Council and local Farmer’s Markets.  Tony has been active on various Boards over the years, including the Huning Highland Neighborhood Association and Zuni Mountain Sanctuary.  Tony has years of experience running a small farm with his partner Eden, raising sheep, chickens, and pigs.

  • Tim Johnson, Ramah NM

Tim has close family ties in Ramah, and relocated back home several years ago in order to give back to the community.  He has established Flip Flop Farm in Ramah with his partner, Amy.  Together, Tim and Amy have become huge contributors to the local foods movement through their dedicated service to the Ramah Farmers’ Market.  Tim led the efforts to construct a local library trailer that makes quality food-growing and processing books available to the community.  Tim has also been a part of the team of community members who have established a community garden in downtown Ramah.

  • Kelly Facto, Candy Kitchen NM

After graduating from UMass, Amherst, Kelly Facto worked for over a decade as a grants administrator the Rosenberg Fund for Children. Her duties also included website and database design and management, donor communications, tech support, bookkeeping and all around office management. When disability made full time work unmanageable, she set out for a three year road trip that brought her to her final destination in Candy Kitchen, NM.

  • Christy Snyder, El Morro NM

Chri is an independent cultural anthropologist with fifteen years of  experience doing community systems analysis. She currently works with the The Story of Place Institute, a non-profit organization based in Santa Fe whose work centers on gathering stories of unique places from the ground up (ecological, historical, and contemporary cultural), and using those stories in synthesized form to fuel future planning, design, and development. She spent the last three years teaching cultural anthropology at UNM. After doing a project in the El Morro area nearly seven years ago, she relocated earlier this year. She has been a member of La Montañita Co-op for thirteen years, and was involved in a feasibility study for a commercial kitchen in Santa Fe. She is interested in working on the distribution aspect of El Morro Valley Cooperative, and is an avid cook, so would love to participate in the food creation aspect, as well.

  • Amy Renaud, Ramah NM

Amy has a diverse background in business administration, served as Cooperative Secretary for 3 years, and has been the primary administrator for the El Morro Valley Cooperative for the last few years.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems, and a wide variety of experience including computer programming and systems design, technical support, bookkeeping, writing, research, and training. Most recently and most challenging, she has become a dry-land, high-elevation market gardener, developing a small farm with her partner.  She is currently Chairman of the Ramah Farmer’s Market and is leading the effort to establish Ramah Community Garden.


  • Dave McNitt, Candy Kitchen NM

Dave has 22 years of building construction experience, as a supervisor as well as a subcontractor, in all aspects of commercial and home building.  He knowledge has been valuable as we look to install a certified community kitchen in our proposed location.  Dave also has an Associate’s Degree in accounting, serves as Assistant Fire Chief for the Candy Kitchen Fire Department, and helped establish a community well in Candy Kitchen.  Dave and is wife Lisa own McNitt Fairmes, a local business that grows oyster mushrooms and manufactures bath and body products.

  • Lisa McNitt, Candy Kitchen NM

Lisa and her husband Dave own McNitt Farmes, a local business that grows oyster mushrooms and manufactures bath and body products.  She also has extensive experience building and working with data capturing and financial systems; she was instrumental in building the internal financial databasing systems for both local non-profits El Morro Area Arts Council and Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.  Her business experience continues to inform our efforts to establish our Cooperative.

  • Urs and Monika Gauderon, Candy Kitchen NM

Urs and Monika ran a successful Swiss Bakery in the Ramah area from 1999-2005, then expanded their business to include a restaurant from 2005-2007.  When their building location was no longer available, they had to close their doors in 2007- which was a real loss to the Ramah community.  The Gauderon’s plan to work with El Morro Valley Cooperative by housing their small bakery business within the Coop.

  • Mike Francis, Candy Kitchen NM

Mike is homesteading with his partner on 5 acres of land, raising llamas and alpacas for their fiber, and also growing a small fruit orchard.  He is also an experienced welder.  He is interested in providing support for other local producers.

  • Dana Rova (aka Nova Dara), Candy Kitchen NM

Nova has a BA in business, and a substantial background in farmer’s market and community kitchen development.  She co-owned, managed and operated 2 different CSA’s (community supported agricultures) and help start 2 different community kitchens (one rural, one urban) in Tennessee.  She has been a chef for the last 16 years, and has taught national & educational cooking classes and workshops.  She served on the Board of Directors of the International Farmer’s Market in Nashville TN, and helped start & operate an USDA inspected chicken processing plant for Avalon Acres in Summertown TN.